The inspiration for the series is best captured by the following stanza from the poem The Untimely Traveler by Azadeh Farahmand:

I am the last child;

in search of the origins of my belatedness

forever searching

  all corners of desire

      and the endless roads

          of wonder...

Endless Roads is a visual narration of a perpetual search.  It is a mapping of the unending and abstract nature of pursuit of beauty and meaning - What Borges intimates as "the human game of nights and days," and Rumi refers to as the "search for that which cannot be found."

Endless Roads is autobiographical.  I came to art relatively late in life after having worked in disparate and seemingly unrelated fields for two decades.  Not unlike my own search, the process of creating these drawings is akin to searching for an image as opposed to producing something preconceived.